Cultivating a Spirit of Gratitude

Posted by Emma Clarke

It is difficult to maintain a spirit of thankfulness in a consumer-driven world.  Chicago Hope is blessed by its status as an Independent Christian high school in that we can practice and teach an attitude of gratitude and giving back.  Thanksgiving is an important time of the year to focus on these character traits.  At Hope, we celebrate this season by taking a half-day, having chapel, and eating a potluck together before breaking for the holiday. 

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Dodgeball Is Greater Than Religion

Posted by David Geeslin

For all of the hoopla surrounding spoken word artist Jeff Bethke’s venture into the pandemonium that is Christian theology, it can be incredibly refreshing to find that his “keep it simple” theology is not merely nominal. For an entire afternoon in January Jeff Bethke spoke to the students of Chicago Hope Academy about life, purity, and faith. Without going into the heavy hermeneutics that often accompany his infamous “Jesus vs. Religion” argument, Mr. Bethke found a way to preach his message to young Chicago teens who do not always respond as favorably to speech as they do to action.

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