The Battle Royale

Posted by Emma Clarke

The battle of the ages takes place each semester at Chicago Hope Academy. How do you get students excited to for standardized testing in the morning?  By having a game show in the afternoon where each student participates, thereby winning glory for their Grade or Discipleship Group.

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We take testing seriously here at Hope.  Therefore students are required to practice for the ACT each semester. Standardized testing days, while important, are never exciting.  Schools combat this in different ways, but the size of our student body and the creativity of our staff lends itself to a school-wide game show. 

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Students are divided into teams and asked to perform feats of intelligence, spatial reasoning, and physical aptitude.  One trivia question might be, “What is the only state with a single syllable name?”*(Answer below) Another could be identifying sixteen flags from countries around the world.  Students and staff (teachers get a couple of rounds as well) really enjoy this chance to engage in friendly competition.  It is one of the most anticipated events in the school calendar.

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Answer: Maine

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