Cultivating a College Culture

Posted by Emma Clarke

Studies are beginning to show that elite colleges are struggling to recruit intelligent low-income students.  It’s not that there is a lack of supply, but rather that these students are not getting into the application process.  This is largely because many of the high schools that these students attend do not have adequate resources to put their students on such a track.  Chicago high schools (both public and private) are no exception.

Chicago Hope Academy is committed to being an affordable private high school that expects its students to succeed in college. Not do just enough to get in, but to excel and achieve acceptance into the best school they can with as much scholarship help possible. Hope provides its students with the small class sizes and support to make this a reality. 

Chicago Hope Academy

Our college counseling department takes a personal interest in each of our students.  Applying to college, and especially elite colleges, is an expectation here at Hope.  It is vital that each person has an opportunity to make that choice.  We have students currently attending Columbia University, Wake Forest, Carnegie Mellon, and the US Naval Academy, just to name a few.

Chicago Hope Academy

College preparedness begins early here, and is an everyday emphasis.  Students learn five SAT words a week outside of class time, college admissions officers come to speak to our students at least once a week, and each class is designed to push our kids towards success in higher education. We have high expectations for our students because they are capable and have the positive environment around them to make college success a reality.

For a more complete list of colleges our students are accepted into click here:

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