The Hope Club

Posted by Emma Clarke

Chicago Hope Academy fosters a spirit of learning that reaches beyond the walls of a classroom.  Part of this initiative is “The Hope Club.”  In this program, local business and cultural leaders meet with our senior economics students.  This meeting of the minds is vital in the development of a student, for it bridges the gap between abstract concepts learned in the classroom and the real life of local men and women.

Chicago Hope Club Chicago Hope Club

 These men and women have affected real change in society, and it is easy to see their positive influence on our students.  Chicago schools, Christian schools and Private schools, in general, often fail to make the jump to practical applications.  Yet, that is one of the most important ways to inspire students to really strive for college.  The college prep program must include these applications that are relevant to student life.  It is because of this that we are so grateful to these leaders who give up their time on Fridays to come speak at Hope.

Watch The Hope Club Video

The experiences of our speakers are diverse and powerful.  Click the button above to watch highlights from some of their inspiring stories.


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