The Unsung Heroes of Hope (Part 1)

Posted by Emma Clarke

Every month, Chicago Hope Academy recognizes a student of each gender who fosters a spirit of community, servant leadership, and kindness.  These students are referred to as the Unsung Heroes of Hope.  There is a short ceremony at the beginning of Chapel in which these students are honored.  Chapel is possibly the most important part of our week as a Christian high school.  It is touching to see the support that the student body has for one another, as each honoree is truly celebrated by their peers.  We also use this time to recognize the employee of the month.  This individual is chosen by a school-wide vote.

The following was said about each of the recipients this month:

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Chicago Hope Academy is honored to recognize Malaya Grant.  She is what a student needs to be: focused, hardworking, and persevering.  Malaya’s enthusiasm and willingness to accept suggestions allows her to excel when others cannot.

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Chicago Hope Academy is honored to recognize Chris Triplett.  Chris is an exceptional student both in and outside the classroom. He comes to school every day with a great attitude and a hardworking spirit. As a three-sport athlete, Chris puts forth his best effort in everything he does. He is one of the only students who has completed the Math Problem of the Week every single week and shows an excitement for learning. His positivity is contagious and Hope is lucky to have Chris as a member of our student body!

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Chicago Hope Academy is honored to recognize Miss Allie Fitz.  One student wrote: “She is extremely talented and special to the community.  She has dedicated her life to be a supernatural person who loves the Lord, the students, and the teachers of the school.  She loves math and always helps students to understand a problem. She is a great teacher and has her heart set to fulfill God’s purpose.  Her dedication to Chicago Hope has made her an inspiration to the community and the spiritual atmosphere she gives at Chicago Hope Academy.”

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