Giving back at Chicago Hope Academy

Posted by Emma Clarke

Hope has been blessed with an amazing new athletic facility, formerly known as ATTACK athletics.  We spent Monday morning working the land adjacent to the facility.  It was a great way for our staff and students to feel connected to, and invested in, this new location and its progress.   The morning was shockingly cold after such a balmy weekend, but we all bundled up and got to work.  About half the students and staff picked up rocks on the field site, so that it would be easier to even out the surface for a new playing field.  The other half laid sod on the hill to the side of the field. 

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It was muddy, tiring work but everyone had a great time.  It was nice to get out of our classrooms, our heads, and our routines and do some practical work of which we could readily see results.  We were joined by some hardy volunteers from the Guggenheim Foundation.  There was a simple hot lunch awaiting us back at school.

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Chicago Hope, as a school, desires to give back to the community.  The field we were working on this past Monday was a brown field before we purchased it, filled with garbage and other waste.  It is now a bustling work-site and will soon be a beautiful field and track that will not only benefit our school, but also the neighborhood surrounding it.  It is our hope that through ventures like this, we will be able to directly benefit our neighbors and follow the model of community development for social justice that is being enacted around our city.

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Projects like this work day also serve to foster the “I am third” servant-hearted attitude that the faculty and staff model for our students.  It is also a strong focus in our classes and discipleship groups.  We seek to celebrate our servant-leaders who consistently put others’ well-being above their own.  And, we are so grateful to be blessed to have a school filled with them.

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