Homecoming at Chicago Hope

Posted by Emma Clarke

Spirit week is always a joyful time at Hope.  Smiles are a little bigger, laughter a little quicker, high fives a bit more frequent.  Part of this is the excitement surrounding the fun “class competitions” that we hold in the gym, where anything from dodgeball tournaments to eating contests can take place.  Equally important to our students is the chance to dress up according to a different theme each day.  This year we are having a Jersey Day, Wacky Day, Nerd Day, Twin Day, and Hope Spirit Day.  Wacky Day Pics 009

It is great to finish out the school week with a pep rally as the cheers, songs, dances, and general festivity is a blast.

The traditional Bonfire Night, however, is one of the most anticipated and, dare I say, legendary events in the Hope calendar.  It is a night planned by students, for students.  It is a night for everyone to enjoy each other’s company, eat some good food, make s’mores, and watch an inspiring movie (this year is “Remember the Titans”).  Our community is made stronger by the times we spend together like this, with no agenda or assignments, but simply sharing in an experience.  It is this renewed sense of community that pervades the halls during Homecoming Week.  Community is of vital importance to us as a Christian school, as we view our school as a family.

This year, homecoming has a special significance as we are beginning a new adventure as a school.  We have acquired a fantastic sports facility, Hope Athletic Center (formerly Attack Athletics), and an outdoor field as Altgeld Park. describe the image

This was funded by Chicago Hope Academy, The NFL, the Take the Field Foundation and the Chicago Park District.  Hope Field and Hope Athletic Center are being created to both support Hope’s athletic endeavors as well as encourage community partnerships.  All of our teams will be able to utilize the complex.  There is a subsequent flurry of activity to prepare for opening day which we have coordinated with our homecoming football and soccer games this Saturday.  


We are especially excited to welcome Mayor Rahm Emanuel to celebrate this occasion with our students, friends and family.  

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