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Chicago Hope is a Christian College and life preparatory high school. We are committed to providing Academic, Athletic, and Spiritual excellance for our students.

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A Teacher's Care for Students at a Christian Academy

Esther Wang

            It is Friday morning at 7:55, and the bell is about to ring in 5 minutes.  Students, uniformly dressed in their neat navy blue sweaters with “Chicago Hope Academy” embroidered on the right lapel, rummage through their lockers, chat with classmates, and greet teachers.   Amid the organized chaos, Esther Wang, positions herself at her classroom door to offer a “good morning” to each of the students in her Speech, Logic, and Debate class.  The classroom is a small lecture hall, perfect for her 12 junior level students.  On one wall hangs two pictures, both with the founder of Chicago Hope Academy, Bob Muzikowski, and either Barak Obama or Rahm Emanuel.  As soon as the students sit down, pencils scratch away at their “entry slip” which asks them to provide examples of the story structures they learned about in Thursday’s lecture.             

Chicago Hope Start of School- And They're Off!

Chicago Hope Academy Boys Camp
The school year is off to a great start! Before the uniforms came on and classes began, our students were competing together in sports, trivia battles, and scavenger races! 

Chicago Hope kicks the start the school year by letting our students get to know each other outside the traditional settings of academia. For one whole week all the girls at Chicago Hope attend camp while the new boys attend Orientation. The boys and girls then switch, as the new girl students attend Orientation at Hope while all the boys head to camp.
Days at camp are filled with chapel messages, worship, arts & crafts, games, and lots of great food! Fall sports teams get under way and there is no shortage of hard work and exercise. Hope's time at camp is a strong embodiment of our commitment to sound bodies, sound minds, and sound hearts for all of our students!
Teacher and staff at Chicago Hope are more than just academic or athletic instructors. They are intentional with their faith and mentor students in and out of the classroom. Chicago Hope students are different because they receive a great faith-based education in classrooms of only 12 students!
Chicago Hope strives for excellence in academics and athletics. But at the end of the day, the most important sign of success is the maturity and spiritual growth of each student. Sports, tests, clubs, and strong relationships at Hope are all catalysts for creating a well-rounded foundation for every student at Hope.

We are so excited about this school year and look forward to all the exciting events in store! 

The Battle Royale

Photo May 09, 1 01 21 PM resized 600

The battle of the ages takes place each semester at Chicago Hope Academy. How do you get students excited to for standardized testing in the morning?  By having a game show in the afternoon where each student participates, thereby winning glory for their Grade or Discipleship Group.

Changing Lives in Mexico


How would you prefer to spend your money? Option A: 1 week in sunny Mexico, finishing with a weekend in one of the nicest hotels in the West Coast or Option B: 1 overpriced night dancing in a gym?

Cultivating a College Culture

Chicago Hope Academy

Studies are beginning to show that elite colleges are struggling to recruit intelligent low-income students.  It’s not that there is a lack of supply, but rather that these students are not getting into the application process.  This is largely because many of the high schools that these students attend do not have adequate resources to put their students on such a track.  Chicago high schools (both public and private) are no exception.

The Hope Club

Chicago Hope Club

Chicago Hope Academy fosters a spirit of learning that reaches beyond the walls of a classroom.  Part of this initiative is “The Hope Club.”  In this program, local business and cultural leaders meet with our senior economics students.  This meeting of the minds is vital in the development of a student, for it bridges the gap between abstract concepts learned in the classroom and the real life of local men and women.

The Unsung Heroes of Hope (Part 1)

IMG 0236 resized 600

Every month, Chicago Hope Academy recognizes a student of each gender who fosters a spirit of community, servant leadership, and kindness.  These students are referred to as the Unsung Heroes of Hope.  There is a short ceremony at the beginning of Chapel in which these students are honored.  Chapel is possibly the most important part of our week as a Christian high school.  It is touching to see the support that the student body has for one another, as each honoree is truly celebrated by their peers.  We also use this time to recognize the employee of the month.  This individual is chosen by a school-wide vote.

The Controversy of School Lunch

school lunch

America is obsessed with school lunches.  Are kids getting too many calories?  Too few?  Should meals be differentiated based on physical activity?  Have you seen what they serve to elementary school students?

Hope Football hosts Speed & Performance Camp

Nike Elite Coach Chris Gizzi

Hope Football will be hosting a speed and performance clinic at Attack Athletics on January 19th. This camp is for 7th and 8th grade players who want to improve their speed, agility, and leadership skills for next season.

President Obama and the Mayor at Chicago Hope

Presidenet Obama at Attack Athletics with Bob And Antwon

It has been a fascinating Fall for us here at Chicago Hope Academy. On Sunday night, our Facilities Manager received a call from the Secret Service. The President of the United States, some Cabinet members, and friends wanted to play basketball in Chicago Hope’s gymnasium on election day. Out of utmost respect for the office, our manager, a former MarineObama Corps Sergeant, approved their request.

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